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We take care of you

The offer of services for our guests is aimed at realizing the principle: "we take care of you" .


The swimming-pool has also been wisely introduced into the ambience and seems to be floating in the skies of Buggiano, Colle,  Massa, Cozzile, Montecatini, Monsummano, Montevettolini…

You never finish being astonished by the enchanting panorama.

Its clear water relaxes you and makes you dream because the views you are admiring are the same that Dante, Leonardo, Coluccio Salutati, Bernardo Pasquini would admire in their time: the grand characters of the Renaissance and of all the Tuscan history.

Large panoramic garden with equipped corners.

The B&B service includes daily cleaning with linen change every three days.


The holiday apartments service includes complete linen supply with daily cleaning and linen change every three days, electricity, heating, taxes and internet connection are always included in the prices .


The swimming pool is one of our "flagships", super panoramic, wide, deep, clear.


We offer a restaurant service with local cuisine with first choice natural ingredients.


Our villa is the ideal solution for the realization of your dream with its exclusive atmosphere.

Do you have an electric car? You can fill up with our electric column in the private car park.

Rules for using our swimming-pool “I Sette Borghi”

  1. The swimming-pool is not guarded or fenced

  2. Admission permitted from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Only when the gate is open.

  3. Minors are allowed only if accompanied and guarded by adults, who assume the full responsibility.

  4. It is absolutely forbidden to enter the swimming-pool and its area during the closing hours and particularly in the night.

  5. It is not allowed to enter the swimming-pool during rain, storms and bad weather in general.

  6. We recommend using the swimming-pool three hours after eating.

  7. Dogs are not allowed.

  8. Minimum depth 1.30 metres.

  9. Maximum depth 2.50 metres.

  10. Width 6 metres, length 15 metres.

  11. Person in charge of the swimming-pool: Mr. Pier Luigi Innocenti, tel. 3356139268.

Rooms and Apartments


Suite Nuziale - camera matrimoniale romantica con vista panoramica sulla vallata


100 €


Camera matrimoniale "Mansarda" - possibile un letto aggiunto


70 €


Appartamento con camera matrimoniale


80 €


Villetta "Il vecchio Fienile" appartamento su 2 piani con camera matrimoniale e sala pranzo con cucina - possibili 2 letti aggiunti


130 €


Appartamento con camera matrimoniale e sala cucina con 2 letti


130 €


Appartamento con 2 camere da letto ed ampio ingresso con cucina - 4 posti letto


140 €

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